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Return to Lower Uncton

by Downtown Rats

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Antropofobia 01:11
We’ve been told throughout our lives To work real hard we must survive We’ve been taught to do our best Extend a hand to help the rest But we don’t even have a future Stole from us we’ve got the picture Drowned in debt we can’t repay To a faceless the banker we are the slaves Five years from now, will we survive? How will we conduct our lives? Can we escape this dead-end street? Or are we just destined to repeat? Like solders falling one by one We aim our star ship towards the sun This endless treadmill, can’t sustain A world collapse under your strain Profits soaring once again Bite into the jugular vein The corporation as a citizen The human being equivalent But we don’t even have a future Stole from us we’ve got the picture Drowned in debt we can’t repay To a faceless the banker we are the slaves Now were fighting for are lives No way to know if we’ll survive Dragging nature down the drain No way to know what will remain For generations down the line Always work to undermine We can’t even see a future Leveraged for the baby boomer Longest living, Power hungry Never giving, after money Hand extended; Weapons drawn Shoulders shrugging, where’s it gone? Responsibility is passed Just like the debt that they’ve amassed Systems built no one can stop Automation at the top WE ARE SO FUCKED
You Plotted For the carotid Going straight for the throat You knew it You put us through it And that was all she wrote The end is coming and it’s right on time A perfect ending to your nursery rhyme No way in hell that we’ll let you escape Tried for your crimes, and it’s never too late The defendant will rise and repeat after me Do you solemnly swear to tell the whole truth as it should be? You Pillaged The Village Then moved your business over seas You shut down The whole town Because profit’s all you see Your making slaves in a foreign land You pay no taxes just because you can You roll the dice, let the blood spill Skipping town before you pay your bill We’re after You You are Through The jig is up The lines been cut Strategically Blown to smithereens For the CEO It’s time you go Your legal team Can hear you scream Check and mate As we seal you fate Fuck the kings and queens Of the money schemes Fuck the board of directors And wall street investors All the politics and the pieces of shit All of the willing participants If you’re going to gamble, you’re gonna get bit We refuse your plea that your innocent You’ve commented the crime and you’ve sealed your fate For you and your partners it’s all to late Nowhere to hide You lived those lies Nowhere to run To escape the fun For decades we tried For decades you lied Its us or you No other point of views You're being tried in the of the court of last resort We’re turning the law into a contact sport You've had chance after chance to amend your ways Your reply after reply has been to stay the same Profits over people has collapsed the world Whole nations are in peril while this mess unfurls Careless corporations out to change the laws Corrupt politicians only heed their cause You Lied To Me Fucker
Digging 02:48
Struggle to get a shovel full As the muscles burn With every bucket full digging deeper for the company I’m a good little bumblebee Blind def and dumb may work well for some With the rhythm of the heart beating drum Digging deeper down, as the light dims I feel the dark is creeping in How far down must I go into the ground My blade on rock My only sounds Contamination in my lungs Progression measured by the ton Their quotas design for killing me there’s more to life there just has to be So deep Down I can’t escape There’s no one above that can relate Don’t they know it Can’t they see? Their dropping rocks down on me I worked real hard I tried to please Now dust and dirt Is all I see I try to scream I try to yell Where is the team I knew so well? My lungs are clogged Filled with debris Another company Devotee Rocks are falling on my head Is there a message That I misread? All my world collapsing in on me Is this my final Reality I’m drowning deep Within my pit Up to my neck It’s filling quick Can no one above Hear my cries? All the promises have turned to lies Ear nose and mouth Are Filled with dirt The crushing weight begins to hurt Nothing could be worse Nothing could hurt more Nothing could fuck me Nothing so hard core Buried alive Under the work load Try to survive Crushed by the payload My final moments I must decide Trying to dig I must survive I must dig I must dig I must dig I must dig Dig
Stand at attention Do as your told The re-slaverification Is about to unfold By filling out this credit card application you automatically agree to our terms and conditions interest is compounded hourly none of your actual payment applies to the principle loan terms and condition are subject to change on a whim and solely at our discretion failure to pay back this loan will guarantee the wrath of the master corporation and at no point will we even consider leniency should you ever be unable to pay due to sickness or death your next of kin will be held directly responsible for the debt that you have incurred We understand that you have options when picking your banking services and we very much so appreciate you choosing the MASTER CORPORATION for your everlasting and enslaving needs we demand that you kneel while making your payment and as per our contract there will be complete and utter betrayal any hint or hope of escape is futile as our contract is quite binding our legal tightrope and red tape is brutal intact and built for grinding We want your family In a cage, and in a Pit Nothing makes us more happy filled with rage and crushed with it Call center working overtime Call you fucking day and night Make you pay through a war crime Take away your human rights Torture violence threats and pain You gave away all your rights The moment that you signed your name This document says we’re right To us is all a great big game We’ve got you on your knees We’re loving every bit of it Corporate fucking disease And we don’t even give a shit Enslave for a lifetime Don’t care if were wrong or right Make you pay through a war crime Take away your human rights Torture violence threats and pain You gave away all your rights The moment that you signed your name This document says we’re right To us is all a great big game Fucking idiot
Privatized 02:12
Remember, when you invest in the private prison system you have the safety and security of knowing that you're putting innocent people Behind Bars People All of these people To many people Lock up these people All of these people We’ve got to get them off the street All of these people, to many people We should choose just what they eat We’ve should put them in a little cell Make their life one big hell We can beat them behind closed doors Make them crawl around on all fours We can to put them into solitary That should make them, oh so merry If we want, we can turn off the lights They’ll never know if it is day or night We’ll make them all poop, in a group We’ll make them all, shower together We’ll make them all, wear the same clothes If they don’t like it, they’ll get punched in the nose People All of these people We’ve got to get them off the street People, to many people Arrest, wash, rinse, and repeat You are heading to judge hang’em high Prepare to be crucified success rate, one hundred percent Petty crime, with full intent Ah, I’ve got a situation over here, I’m gonna need back up I don’t like the look of those teen agers over there Lock’em up! I want those people locked up and those people locked up I don’t like the looks of them Get them off my street Everybody, up against the wall, spread’em Uhhh Oh, you’re goin’ down town buddy But we didn’t do nothing wrong Tell it to the judge You’re gonna be more than late for dinner punk! Owww Hey, I get a phone call…. Hey, Heyyyyy
Hurling through space and time Blessed with the human mind Yet all we seem to do Is wonder which weapons to use Enough with the hell bent on destruction point of view Why are we letting the elderly war mongers selfishly guide the world to the brink day after day, year after year, decade after decade They want more, more, more, more ENOUGH! Driven by magic and the old Into slavery the young are sold At what point have you had enough It’s time to call their bluff Pollution, traffic on the edge of demise They wish for someone to materialize Concrete, news feeds, blister the mind In a modern world full of ancient lies Vomit opinions, catastrophic times Disregard loved ones on the other side NOW! When born we cannot see The trust we have is key As we grow, walk, speak and learn We see the world that you burn There isn’t one aspect of modern life that isn’t a Blood boiling, pressure cooker stress infused Treadmill nightmare. At no point is there ever a moment for the body and mind to get a break, get a breath Gain our bearings and collect our thoughts THANKS! In the past age and wisdom ruled In the modern age the old are fools Technology has far surpassed Against our will they stand steadfast When the elderly running the world today Simply do not understand the technology they are playing with When the people in change can’t forward a simple email, Operate their television or send a text message, why in the world would I ever think they are qualified to make decisions for US ENOUNGH STOP!
I won’t, you won’t, they won’t let us I can’t, you can’t they can’t make us Trapped in, Locked In, forced in, they cage us Welcome to the post American era Taught to, led to, made to, discuss Brain washed, get sloshed, repeat, a must Obey, replay, no pay, mistrust Welcome to the post American era I vote, you vote, they win, we lose I say, you say, we want, they choose I pay, you pay, they play, fake news Welcome to the post American era I work, you work, they steal, no feel I try, you try, they lie, done deal I scream, you scream, there is no ice cream Welcome to the post American era I starve, you starve, we slave, they gain Stay true, argue, fuck you, in vein Pointless, senseless, brainless, bloodstain Welcome to the post American era He talks, she talks, none of them listen I yell, you yell, all their positions They fight, we fight, based on suspicion Welcome to the post American era He’s red, she’s blue, nothing can get through Drop dead, bloodshed, continue argue Once friends, we’re through, brain dead, fuck you Welcome to the post American era Divide, choose sides, stand hard, don’t bend Allied, statewide, backyard, defend Broadside, attack, never give back Welcome to the post American era I don’t want to live this way Yet still can’t seem to walk away I’m trapped inside a prison cell Can’t seem to find a soul to tell I’ve picked a side, so I must fight Although it doesn’t seem quite right My side is just as bad as yours They hide and talk behind closed doors I state his view, you state her view Not much left that we all can do Me on my side, You on your side Between a pool unoccupied I see you out across the street Remember back when we would greet The life we lost now incomplete My fight to win so bitter sweet


Produced and engineered by Jon Du Bose at The Library, Lenoir, NC, USA. Vocals recorded at Heavy Industries Studio, Naples, Italy. Drums recorded by Christöphë Crömëlin in Ventura, CA, USA.

This material was recorded during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. Lyrics included in streaming.

Released by The Library, Lenoir, NC, USA.


released May 2, 2020

(Christöphë Crömëlin) - Drums
(Jon Du Bose) - Guitars, Bass Guitar
(Chris Violence) - Vocals, Lyrics

Select the YouTube link below for the "Privatized" video.



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Downtown Rats Lenoir, North Carolina

Old school punk/thrash for the modern world.

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